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Supergleiter Lube 50 ml

Supergleiter Lube 50 ml
Supergleiter Lube 50 ml
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Massage oil Supergleiter Lube 50 ml

Who does not know that? Actually no great desire for sex, but then proposes the partner before a massage ... Since ma (n) or woman can not refuse or right?
With the "Super Glider" massage oil, it is easy to get in the mood for more, as massage is the art of touching and warming up the body, awakening for caressing and massaging pats by the partner.
When the hands indulge the whole body pleasurably, massages lasting for hours are possible, because with the abundant "super-glider" a small amount of oil is already enough in the palms of the hands. And as the massage oil is odor-neutral, your personal perfume can unfold its own fragrance unhindered.
Probably now your desire for sex has risen and just wants to be satisfied ... »Super Glider« is ready, you too? Note: Please refrain from using the colorless oil on latex items, so that the material is not attacked.

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Product Type: Lupricant
Content: 50 ml

Code: 06200170000 Content: 50 ml
Code: 06200500000 Content: 200 ml

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