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G-Spot Vibrator G-Spot Vibrator
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Brand: Clepoatra
G-Spot Vibrator by CleopatraSpot on G-spot stimulation! Curved and flexible G-spot vibrator with a tip that gets thicker towards the end for breathtaking orgasms. The vibrator is velvety soft, extremely intense and has 10 different vibration modes. This vibrator is also waterproof and this means tha..
598747 Clitoral Vibrator 598747 Clitoral Vibrator
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Brand: Clepoatra
Clitoral Vibrator by CleopatraFor the clitoris and other hotspots! Ergonomically shaped lay-on vibrator with a velvety soft surface. The vibrator is in a mystical design and has a beautiful gem and decorative button in a reflective design. It is nice and flexible. It also has 10 vibration modes that..
598771 Rabbit Vibrator 598771 Rabbit Vibrator
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Brand: Clepoatra
Rabbit Vibrator by CleopatraBeautiful & intense! Black rabbit vibrator with a decorative shiny copper part at the bottom of the shaft. With a curved, ergonomically shaped G-spot tip and clitoral stimulator. It makes simultaneous stimulation of these pleasure zones possible – it also stimulates t..
Wand Massager Cleopatra Wand Massager Cleopatra
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Brand: Clepoatra
Wand Massager by CleopatraThe massage wand for very elegant relaxation! Wonderfully curved massage wand with a movable ball-shaped head and a flexible neck. 10 vibration modes. For a luxurious massage with a decorative gem and a button in an elegant reflective design. Waterproof. Includes a USB cabl..
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