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20102671171 Jock string chastity device

Jock string chastity device by ZADO

A good slave has to suffer!
This high-quality, leather jock string has a wonderfully painful secret inside: there are spikes inside the pouch that cut into the skin in a wonderful and uncomfortable way. This string is therefore perfect for being used as a chastity device or just to bring a bit of order to the day. The adjustable buckles can be locked with little padlocks (not included). The zip allows skin contact during sessions or it can be unzipped as a reward.Leather (chrome-free tanned).

Jock string with spikes inside
Buckles at the side – can be locked with padlocks
Made out of chrome-free tanned leather

Product Type: Jock string chastity device

Color: Black
Material: Leather String

Code: 20102671171 Size: One Size

Note: This product has Free shipping costs (Only in Greece)

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