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Electro Sex

Electro Sex
561495 Butterfly Massage Pad
Butterfly Massage PadIdeal for erotic muscle and nerve stimulation! You simply must have experienced times: small targeted power surges - just so much that it hurts a little and accurately thereby triggers getting emotions.Set consisting of: 1 control unit with 6 massage patternsCAUTION: Nervstimula..
575640 Sextreme Electro Butt Plug 575640 Sextreme Electro Butt Plug
Brand: Sextreme
Electro Plug by SextremeBlack dildo made from medical aluminum for high higiene and thrilling e-stim effects. You can go from a soft jolt to a pulsating power rhythm. Adjust the e-stim modes with the included control. Dildo size: 7.5 cm, 2.2 cm diameter.You can watch here the packaging video https:/..
592609 Cluster Buster
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Brand: Mystim
Cluster BusterThe Mystim Cluster Buster is amazing: the electro-sex set is made up of a remote control and a remote-controlled receiver and can control an unlimited amount of toys at the same time. Compatible with all mystim electro toys An unlimited amount of toys can be controlled separately 10 in..
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