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Erotic Horoscope 2022

The astrologer Alkistis edited the 2022 horoscope that showed "" Erotic outbursts of 2022 "" with all children for users in SEX SHOP Senses. New year time you should not discriminate with 2021 and new loves will be human and with the right analyzes that I should make unforgettable.
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Capricorn 22nd December to 20th January


This year will have something of boldness and charm in your love field as Aphrodite opens her curtain with liveliness and sex appeal for action. With Aphrodite by your side, an important ally who raises your adrenaline, Mars and Venus in your zodiac sign in March, you are moving forward relentlessly to conquer. Spring is one of the most erotic periods, passion and eroticism come into play dynamically and you, with that sexy look that breaks and the hardest stone, open fire more confident than ever for your fiery temperament.



Aquarius 21st January to 19th February


Your love life seems to be moving in rock rhythms, my Aquarius ... from the beginning of the new year, both Mars and the goddess of love ignite your fiery action. No one rules out waking up in the flames of this flame, ignoring how much the thermometer shows. Your fiery action — committed and not — will begin immediately with the goddess of love literally sparking your desire for company with Mars, especially in mid-March. The nuances of exaggeration follow you and help the scandals that they usually cause.



Pisces 20th February to 20th March

Full of passion and appetite, you open the curtain of a new year, my Pisces, who fills your souls with lust and prepares your resistances for love adventures. The goddess of love marks your movements, demanding a dynamic approach to the arena of passion in both spring and autumn. You shine my friends with charm and those who have been impressed by you will hardly resist you. Your intense sex appeal will create a certain issue with scandals in April, misplaced the scales of vibrations will find balance.



Aries 21st March to 20th April

My rams impatiently .. more assertive and erotic in the game of hunting this year, you passionately grab your prey with your horns, making the thermometer of passion exceed 45 degrees !! Fires on the quilts are expected from August and with bright fireworks your roars echo in the zodiac. With the retrograde Mercury no one rules out the return of an old love by creating dangerous triangles in the relationship with unexpected developments in your erotic action.



Taurus 21st April to 20th May


The erotic thermometer goes up with the coming of the new year my friends since from the beginning you have a great ally in foreplay. With the intense sex appeal you exude, your intense self-confidence and your fiery temperament, you hold a position of power, separating your desires in love here and now. However, in September, when you will have Aphrodite in your lovemaking, it seems that the sheets will be torn !!! Love scandals will give and take, what you do not know .. is what awaits you when they begin to be perceived !!!



Gemini 21st May to 21st June


In 2022 the success in love is a fact and the intensity of the passion prescribed my Gemini. It is a year that the erotic thermometer for you starts to rise since Aphrodite from the beginning of the year keeps a good temperature until it relaxes at the right time. If you are indifferent to the retrograde course of your governor and all those bumps then you will have exceeded your expectations !! In autumn, the bar of erotic vibrations will rise high and with Mars behind you, you will launch rockets into the universe !!



Cancer 22nd June to 22nd July


From the beginning of the year, Karkinakia opens its curtain for me with liveliness and sex appeal for action. With the goddess of love opposite, I think it is the best that can happen since even retrograde is a -crack test- for your flame! The eroticism and passion that accompanies you and will stir up the crowds !! In autumn, passing through your love affairs, it will leave its imprint on your sheets ... making those who lick you dry to take your fiery caress! What retrograde you are telling me now..and what angry planets, love is present!



Leo 23rd June to 23rd August


This year has come to upset you, my Leos, by setting fire to your souls from the beginning, favoring love affairs, thus opening your yard with hot adventures that will sometimes lift your mane upright! The goddess of love will raise the thermometer in August after first opening the jar with the dessert, bringing the booty to your plate, ignoring the retrograde movements of Mercury. After all, the daring and eternal lover of the planetary scene, Mars will be her ally and the culprit of the irresistible charm in the bed of your own jungle.



Virgo 24th August to 23rd September


Other things you had in mind My Virgos, others will come however many and passionately can not happen. Your hidden fiery action seems to wake up where you least expect it. In the past and now you are confused in the crowd, giving love the first place it deserves. The planetary setting gives you a taste of what will follow when that sly look takes on great proportions. Aphrodite will take you off by setting fires on the object of your desire!



Libra 24th September to 23rd October


With strong allies in love, everything is clarified this year, Libra friends ... now, sexier, more renewed, you come to the fore, available erotically. Loves from the past, unacknowledged passions make your own passions and your protagonists angry about what will follow when the light in the bedroom goes out. Everything seems to burn in the summer, making your charm radiate stronger on your plate. Love will find you on the wing and will take you to the clouds where the erotic vibrations make waves!



Scorpio 24th October to 22nd November


This year you become a foreplay player by opening side chapters in your life, moving forward relentlessly to conquer love. And where you said to become a little more collected, Aphrodite comes to wake up the most seductive side of yourself. Spring is one of the most romantic moments for you and so passionately you can not resist the temptation. Aphrodite sets fire to the sheets, passing in your zodiac sign the period of your birthday, the absolute polarization comes and you, with that look that kills, fire the victims of your desire!



Sagittarius 23rd November to 21st December


Everything clears up this year, making your charm shine so that as protagonists in the erotic scene, you can magnetize everyone. Your erotic action takes a position of strength from the beginning of the year and continues in spring and summer to raise the thermometer of your passion. Everything seems to be on fire, you do not stop in this mess that you are involved in. The daring and eternal lover of the planetary scene makes you irresistible and you with the bows in your hand and so many strong allies in love are literally left to the erotic power.


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