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Erotic Horoscope 2020

The astrologer Alkistis edited the 2021 horoscope that showed "" New year, New loves "" with all children for users in SEX SHOP Senses. New year time you should not discriminate with 2020 and new loves will be human and with the right analyzes that I should make unforgettable.
Certified Astrologer - Intuitive ΄΄ ALKISTIS ΄΄ E-mail:



Capricorn 22nd December to 20th January


The application of the beginning of the year in its curtain with liveliness and sex appeal for creation. You have in your diarrhea two separate differences that I mention in your adrenaline, Mars gradually and Venus in the zodiac sign, go ahead unscathed for the conquest. Spring is one of the complementary dialogues for you, the passion bam in the game virtually and iron with the text the content that "kills" appearances as the elements of your desire. Not even the retrograde Mercury (beginning of summer) use Pluto that collides with Mars frightens you ... sure of the fiery temperament and with the video high on the subject of desire.



Aquarius 21st January to 19th February


Other things you had in mind and other things will happen my friends this year since Saturn and Jupiter in your zodiac sign predetermine your evolution. Of course, no one rules out the possibility that some of you will break up and others may end up married. 2021 is crucial for you especially if you were born in 1986 and 1992..However your fiery action-committed and not-will start the second month of the year with the goddess of love to ignite your desire. Past and present seem to be confused in the crowd that follows you, giving you once again the first in love. Catalytic eclipse 10/6 and subversive ..



Pisces 20th February to 20th March

My sweet little fish, full of passion and appetite, you open the curtain of 2021..a year that, while it looks liberating, fills your souls with lust for love adventures and scandals. At the same time, it prepares your moves for 2022, a year that seems to belong to you rightfully. With Aphrodite in your sign (25 / 2-21 / 3) you shine with charm and they will hardly resist you. Exaggerated shades bloom in spring and summer with Mars and Venus helping scandals and deceptive behavior. Along with them, it is not excluded that everyone will follow you ... those who have been deceived by you !!!



Aries 21st March to 20th April

My rams look forward..the new year will have something of boldness and charm in your erotic field, making the thermometer of passion exceed 40 degrees !! Fires on the duvets are therefore expected and bright fireworks. In fact, with Aphrodite in your zodiac sign in spring and Mars in summer in LEONTA, your grunts will echo from the bed of passion. In the autumn with the retrograde Mercury, no one rules out the return of an old love, creating triangles in the relationships and unexpected events in their evolution.



Taurus 21st April to 20th May


More erotic and more assertive you welcome the new year my friends since from the beginning you have a great ally in the foreplay, Mars in your zodiac sign. In the game of hunting you hold a position of power by grabbing the prey with the horns separating your desires in love here and now. From the spring that you will have Aphrodite near you until the autumn that will favor from other positions of your horoscope, it seems that the sheets will be torn !!! The love scandals that will begin to be perceived at the end of autumn will be just as hot.



Gemini 21st May to 21st June


The erotic thermometer for you starts to rise a little slower than the other signs as this does not mean abstinence, since Venus from the beginning of the year keeps a good temperature so that you can act at the right time. The intense sex appeal that you exude sometimes will create a theme for you, especially when the Mercury ruler makes your crumbs retrograde (30 / 5-23 / 6) in your zodiac sign. In autumn, the bar of erotic vibrations will rise and with Mars in your erotic you will launch rockets into the universe !!



Cancer 22nd June to 22nd July


From the beginning of the year, my Cancers (8/1 to 1/2) you welcome the view of love and pleasure Aphrodite, in the field of relationships. I think it is the best that can happen since her foot is number one - crack test - for your flame! The erotic sex appeal will constantly accompany you and will stir up the crowds !!! The summer, passing by your zodiac sign, will leave its imprint on the sheets ... making those who lick you dry to take your fiery caress! What retrograde you are telling me now..and what angry planets, love is present.



Leo 23rd June to 23rd August


This year has come to upset you my Leos by setting fire to your quilts and angry instincts. The lucky Zeus from the beginning of the year favors love affairs by opening your yard with adventures of worthy speech and not, that sometimes lift your mane upright! Your self-confidence and fiery temperament bring the booty to your plate, ignoring the retrograde movements of Mercury. After all, the daring and eternal lover of the planetary scene of Mars, summer will be in your zodiac sign, making you irresistible in the bed of your own arena.



Virgo 24th August to 23rd September


You could be angry my friends with what you did not catch last year, but now it seems that the planetary scene will catch you by giving you a taste of what will follow when the bedroom light sometimes goes out! Success in love is a fact and the intensity of passion is predetermined. If you are indifferent to the retrograde course of your ruler Mercury, you will exceed your expectations in love. Aphrodite, the sight of love will be in your zodiac sign this summer, as well as Mars, making you shy at this time to rage with passion!



Libra 24th September to 23rd October


Everything is clarified this year, Libra friends, making your charm radiate stronger on the set, so that as protagonists in the erotic scene, you shine through magnetism. Having Mars in front of you from the beginning of the year, your erotic action takes place of power and in the middle of August, when you welcome the goddess of love in your sign, everything seems to be on fire.
The climate improves even more when Mars just before your birthday period passes in your zodiac sign demanding a dynamic approach to passion. Nobody stops you from this waste ... except your will!



Scorpio 24th October to 22nd November


This year, starting Scorpio friends, puts you in the foreplay by opening chapters alongside your life. And where you used to say to become a little quieter children comes
Jupiter to awaken the most seductive side of yourself. The goddess of love opens the jar with the sweet and you as children of love sweet and passionate can not resist the temptation. Aphrodite sets fire to the sheets near your birthday, entering her zodiac sign, despite the retrograde course of Mercury at the same time. Nothing prevents love from saying the last word on your behalf!



Sagittarius 23rd November to 21st December


Sagittarius like to aim high right at the beginning of the year so why not do the same when it comes to love and relationships? All in all, sensuality and tenderness, the feeling of a real physical connection, are getting more important than short-term conquests or generous gestures. Those in a relationship wish for a solid basis without any uncertainties. Singles are feeling particularly desirable from April to July. But they shouldn’t make the mistake to trust new acquaintances blindly! However, their dream partner might be one of them so they should let their imagination run wild and feel free to show their naughty side. Couples can enjoy a time of great sensual vibes and a lot of heartfelt moments with their partner. Starting in July, Sagittarius will have an incredibly erotic power that cannot be ignored. The cosmic erotic tip 2020: Erotic workouts! Follow the stars and plan some workouts with your partner that will make you sweat. If you are hot and sweaty anyway you can just tear your clothes off and be all over each other!


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