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Erotic Horoscope 2023

The astrologer Alkistis edited the 2023 horoscope that showed "" Erotic outbursts of 2023 "" with all children for users in SEX SHOP Senses. New year time you should not discriminate with 2022 and new loves will be human and with the right analyzes that I should make unforgettable.
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Capricorn 22nd December to 20th January


Capricorn is an enigmatic sign that hides many surprises, and when one gets to know it up close, one will find that it looks one thing and is another. In sex, he hardly shares things, he doesn't get to control everything. It is not for one night sex or quick hookups in general, it wants feeling and familiar safe contact. He is crazy about fighting to win his/her partner as long as he/she is not as bold as kinon. He's not crazy about foreplay, but he loves pats on the knees and ankles, as well as screams and scratches, like a classic badass. She knows how to enjoy the pleasure in bed with all the senses, she has no particular preference areas for sex, she has the endurance and durability to be the most difficult partner!



Aquarius 21st January to 19th February


Aquarius is a sociable and wild sign together in sex, which separates the feeling in its love affairs, move quickly to the roast in search of a love partner playful and vicious enough like itself. His independent nature allows him to do anything in bed, even the 'three', as he is known to have no taboos and never judge. Unlike the Aquarius woman who is a bit puritanical, a man is open to everything, but not tender. He likes foreplay and variety and always finds something spicy to renew himself sexually. He likes fast and satisfying sex as well as oral, but he always has sex in special and selective places. An Aquarian leaves if she doesn't get an immediate response..but if she finds her, she takes her lover on a journey to the illegal paths of pleasure!!



Pisces 20th February to 20th March

Pisces is an emotional sensual and loving sign that needs very delicate handling even in bed since it is not attracted to vulgar and casual sex. He may be shy at first but then he becomes comfortable but he always wants emotional sex to feel safe. With him you will never get bored, you will feel like you are the center of the world, after all, with his apt words he expresses his sensuality. He has fantasies and likes strange underwear that ignites his flame, as well as tender words in the ear that literally drive him crazy or two or three sensual kisses on the neck. Massage, foot caresses, water sex, wordplay in bed, candles and sex in romantic places excite him. A little wine, good music and surrender to the throes of passion!!



Aries 21st March to 20th April

His reign in sex is undeniable!!

Aries is the sign of fire and impulsiveness.. hunter and risk taker, incendiary sensual so no one can question his reign in sex!
He gives it all to the bed, independent sheet possessing the strategy to incorporate into his hearths that may not be limited to the bedroom.
Sex with him/her is fast, dirty, strong in every unlikely place of a space or outside it, trying the most unlikely positions since they have no taboos about it and he tries all the Sex shows and Toys.
A fiery message, a whisper in the ear, a touch under the table is enough to turn him/her on and even though he/she is a romantic sign when he/she touches his/her hair he/she immediately catches fire.
As you understand, get involved with an Aries who literally brings you to your knees!!



Taurus 21st April to 20th May


Sensual and composed, indomitable and full of grace, Taurus is nothing like Aries in sex, since for him the flame is lit slowly and sensually along with essential oils and caresses. As an earth sign it is possessive, but at the same time it enjoys life and sex to the fullest combined with sex toys. Taurus likes foreplay, sensually daring underwear, climaxing touches as well as oral sex which he literally adores. One stand nights are not to his taste, what he combines is good food with a good bed. If you welcome him/her with an intoxicating meal and a sensual kiss on the neck or a little more...he/she will go crazy and even though he/she is not an easy sign at all, you will have a good time next to him/her whether you are above or below him/her in bed!!



Gemini 21st May to 21st June


What can you say about a Gemini..the Casanova of the zodiac who never hesitates to change roles and faces ..he doesn't mind flirting and convincing even his/her best friend to sit with him/her. Very often he gets involved in love triangles because he wants to have experiences and he knows how to charm and seduce in the same way he mouths dirty words during sex. His tastes are unpredictable, he likes foreplay, he often pursues phone sex as well as oral sex..however he has sex with a lot of passion. He gets bored of the monotony and therefore activates the fantasies alongside his other self and becomes amusingly multi-faceted. If during sex you play the submission game with him by alternating the dominance roles then he will stay ecstatic for a long time!



Cancer 22nd June to 22nd July


Cancer is a very sensitive and shy sign looking for love and stability.. at least that's what they give out. In sex, however, things are very different since she is ready at any time and moment to leave her shame behind and fall into bed to indulge in wild and passionate sex. After all, he knows that he has it and moves the threads and the rhythm with sideways steps. The bad thing is that in order to fall into bed with him/her and for the fire to happen you will have to chase him/her systematically. It is a very shy but loving sign, warm, sweet and passionate in bed.. He/she likes passionate sweet kisses as low as possible and.. oral sex much more, as long as he/she feels during it that there is mutual satisfaction in this.



Leo 23rd June to 23rd August


Leo is a warm-blooded sign who holds the lead in the rank of sex..he is confident in bed, offers pleasure, sensuality and is very generous in arousing his/her partner and feeling the confirmation of his/her sexual talent. He likes to live wildly, is sexually insatiable, perhaps even raw at times, and exhausts his partner, which does not match his chivalrous nature. She enjoys sex with passion and doesn't hesitate to seduce you while she relaxes in the bathroom with neck caresses and back massages for...standing sex, but not fast. A Leo loves being shown, so don't be surprised if he asks you to take pictures or videos during sex...or have sex in front of the mirror, bragging about his accomplishments, just before he falls asleep happily!



Virgo 24th August to 23rd September


Chasing passion with a Virgo, you quickly realize that there is a false impression of a sign that is puritanical or shy about sex, since both Virgo men and women enjoy sex with passion. He loves good original sex and won't hesitate to try tricks and aids to keep his flame going. He emphasizes the positions that mentally excite him, but above all on the touch, since a Virgo lights up as easily as a lighter. Erotic outfits, kama sutras and pink scenarios are the ones that play and make a sign that is apparently shy, let itself into the vortex of imagination surprising even the most skeptical about their passionate side. Caresses in the area of ​​the belly and the..butt are all the money for a Virgo who gives everything for a good sex!!



Libra 24th September to 23rd October


Extremely materialistic and romantic, erotic and demanding, he is the one who likes big words..On his scales he carries what characterizes a Libra..sometimes he leans and that's where things get confused, love and sex he doesn't know what place they hold in his life .
He respects the other's needs, he just wants sex with sensuality, restful and in places strange.
The beautiful atmosphere, the nice body, the curves and the lacy underwear make him/her reach the seventh heaven since he/she is a cerebral type so he/she tries a lot in sex but not the vulgar and the extreme. Quality in sex is important to him/her When and if he finds the right partner he will offer the best bed, wild, fun and original under the prism of a mirror that reflects all his qualities, external and not.



Scorpio 24th October to 22nd November


Opulence and passion at their best.. and when these coexist in a bedroom with silk, a fireplace and mirrors then this is the perfect setting for sex with a Scorpio. It is the most peppery sign that is hungry for sex, volcanic..crazy for love games and all kinds of sex without limits and taboos. Impetuous and passionate, he unfolds his cards showing off his developed masochistic tendencies since he knows what he wants in a hot bed. She's crazy about aromatic oils and hot lingerie, caresses on the thighs and as low as possible, and expertly handled oral sex. The way a Scorpio or Scorpina experiments is also skillful and this makes him mysterious. It's a sign as hot as lava and anyone who hasn't had sex with a Scorpio hasn't experienced the real climax!



Sagittarius 23rd November to 21st December


Limits and Sagittarius do not go together no matter how much one looks for it, everything is in the superlative degree for him/her. If you go to his house with a box of chocolates it won't be enough..maybe you should take the whole pastry shop to him to have enough. So also in sex, he wants everything excessively, he loves the unpredictable and the strange, and he usually shows himself defiantly by ensnaring the other person who excites his insatiable libido after an exhausting hunt to throw him in bed. He knows very well the technique for an exciting encounter, he has energy and endurance so much that he wants it again and again.. When you get together with him, deal with his/her legs and more specifically with the thighs, make a massage with essential oils as peppery as his like it and don't forget your sensitive area ever, ever.. because he won't forgive you!!


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