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25102191101 Tights Black S-L

25102191101 Tights Black S-L
25102191101 Tights Black S-L
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  • Model: 25102191101
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Cottelli Collection Stockings & Hosiery Tights Black

Are you open to everything? How about this black panτyhose? Wear it solo or under a beautiful outfit and no one will guess your little secret, because the pantyhose is completely open in the crotch ... Maybe for a quick quickie between you once again on boring family parties? Net, but nice, embroidered embellishments and big holes on the side await your thighs - for him the perfect taste for what awaits him in the middle ... And the rubber pantyhose is decorated with a small hole pattern also worn solo at home

Product Type: Stockings
Color: Black
Material: 90% polyamide 10% elastane

Code: 25102191101 Size: S-L

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