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25102351101 Net Leggings S-L Black

25102351101 Net Leggings S-L Black
25102351101 Net Leggings S-L Black
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  • Model: 25102351101
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Cottelli Collection Stockings & Hosiery Seductive mesh leggings
Airy leggings fun for spontaneous sex!Conclude with cutting-through seams in your crotch, as the black leggings in a trendy net look completely free it, giving you a wonderfully free feeling! From now on, you will be able to feel every little bit of air at this very intimate body.But not only will you be thrilled! Play with the ignorance of your partner and cover your bare shame with a short skirt. What awaits him under this will bring him completely into his mind. Glowing hot hours are pre-programmed!If you can not wait for your partner's reaction, allow him to take a brief look at her exposed step - your naked back view will also heat up properly.A little tip: To increase your shared pleasure even further, let your loved one flounder! Leave the four walls together after hiding the large opening of your leggings again. While all around you admire your gracefully wrapped legs, no one will come up with the idea of ​​a piquant surprise under your tight skirt. What a tingling thought! Your partner will devour you with glances and consume you after your lap ...If the greed becomes too great, the mesh pants reaching up to the ankles always invite spontaneous love. The generously worked hole allows an instant access to all the desired pleasure points in your intimate area without being disturbed by annoying fabric!Slip into these exciting leggings and experience unrestrained highlights!

Product Type: Pantyhose
Color: Black
Material: 100% polyamide

Code 25102351101  Size: S-L

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