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Rebel Giant Vibrator skin

Rebel Giant Vibrator skin
Rebel Giant Vibrator skin
Rebel Giant Vibrator skin
Rebel Giant Vibrator skin
Rebel Giant Vibrator skin
Rebel Giant Vibrator skin
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Rebel Giant Vibrator skin by You2Toys

The Giant vibrator for sophisticated women!
Hardly an average man is endowed by nature ... Therefore, bringing this flexible Lust copy in your possession, because that will be Women's dreams come true. With a length of about 33 cm and a diameter of about 6 to 7 cm, he is a master of pleasure and can you fill full. The slidingjoyful material allows effortless penetration into your pleasure zone bulging veins and the strong, thick penis irritating to ecstasy. The infinitely adjustable power vibration completes the merits of this giant. Skin colors. Material: TPR, ABS,

You can watch here the packaging video

Product type: Vibrator
Color: skin
Length: 33 cm
Diameter: 6-7 cm
Material: TPR, ABS


Gift the batteries: 2 X AA

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Construction material

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