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415308 Secura Original Condoms 1000 pieces

Secura Original Condoms by Secura 1000 pieces

Safe sex!
These transparent condoms fit comfortably and it'll feel like you aren't wearing one when you penetrate your partner.
Covered in silicone-based lubricant. Teat-ended.
Secura Kondome condoms are certified with CE 0086 and ISO 4074: 2002

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Product Type: Condoms
Colour: transparent
Length: 18cm
Diameter: 5.2 cm
Material: natural rubber

Code: 04161420000 Packing: 1 piece
Code: 04164100000 Packing: 3 pieces
Code: 04162070000 Packing: 12 pieces
Code: 04162150000 Packing: 24 pieces
Code: 04162230000 Packing: 100 pieces
Code: 04153080000 Packing: 1000 pieces

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