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Premium Silicone Plug Large

Premium Silicone Plug Large
Premium Silicone Plug Large
Premium Silicone Plug Large
Premium Silicone Plug Large
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Premium Silicone Plug Large
Premium Silicone Plug Large
Premium Silicone Plug Large
Premium Silicone Plug Large
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Premium Silicone Plug Large
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  • Model: 50003350000
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Premium Silicone Plug Large by SILEXD

There's a plug for every butt!
This plug with a base adapts to the user. This plug becomes soft at high temperatures and can be easily bent into different shapes. The dildo can be put in the microwave (30 seconds) or boiling water (max. 2 minutes) to warm it up. The plug will become hard if it's put in the fridge. Perfect for temperature and material play.

Complete length 13 cm, insertion depth 12 cm, Ø 7.2 cm. Silexpan (Memory Silicone).

Product Type: Anal Plug

Color: Black
Length: 13 cm
Diameter: 7.2 cm
Material: Silexpan (Memory Silicone)

Code: 50003350000

What is SILEXPAN®?
SILEXPAN® is a new material that is here to revolutionize the silicon dildo industry in the erotic sector. It is a compound material, with features similar to the materials that traditionally been used in dildos (Silicone, PVC, TPE, and TPR) but with a much lower production cost.

SILEXPAN® provides an avenue to make all kinds of silicone products at a much more affordable price. Considered the most hygienic material in the adult market, silicone is a crowd favorite because of its exceptional physical qualities such as its flexibility, texture, non-porous nature, durability, and the ease of cleaning.

The revolutionary patented formula of SILEXPAN® is used as a filler for traditional products with silicon skin, and allows the market to offer the highest quality silicone with similar benefits but at a lower cost.

The distinct qualities of this material make it possible to manipulate the flexibility, elasticity, weight, and density of products so that they adapt to what the client wants and can improve the experience with more pleasant textures than those already available.

The formula of SILEXPAN® allows making large silicone products at a much lower weight, which reduces transport costs and improves handling of the products during use.

Similarly, the variations that the SILEXPAN® materials give us, allow us to experiment and play with a wide range of textures. From sponginess (“memory foam”) to manipulating the density in different layers or parts of the product.

The applications of this new, patented material are endless. As with traditional materials (PVC, Silicone, TPR, and TPE), you can add a rigid inner core to improve its functionality. Even further, you can add vibration motors since the material allows a better generation of vibration than other materials.

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Sex is a source of pleasure and sex toys are part of the enjoyment. But, like all things, they also want proper attention, both in terms of hygiene and maintenance.

So what advice would they give you if they had a voice?

Use the right lubricant.

Not all lubricants are the same. Depending on the type of material the toy has, you should also choose the right lubricant. For example, use water-based lubricant in sex toys made of silicone.

Keep Sex toys in a cool and dark place.

Treat sex toys with care and don't throw them where you find them. Try to keep them in dark and cool places rather than in your drawer and let Samantha see sex and the city always have a sex toy on her bedside. A good solution is to store them in special bags to keep them away from germs.


And we do not mean a simple cleaning with water, but a good wash with antibacterial soap before and after use. Hygiene is very important and necessary when it comes to your sex life. So make sure you always keep your sex toys clean and clean and never forget to clean all their nooks and crannies.

Condom Use

Safe sex is a and oh, so sometimes you may need to wear a sex toy condom before using it. Just made sure it was latex-friendly.

Construction material

As mentioned above disinfection is very important. But to properly clean your sex toys, you need to know what material they are made of. It is not very difficult to find out whether it is made of silicone, plastic or rubber, since it is written on the box of what materials are made.


Pay attention to signs of wear and tear when you need to immediately replace sex toys with new ones. Battery leakage, discoloration, peeled surfaces are some signs of wear and tear.

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