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513830 Frizz Butt Plug Set 513830 Frizz Butt Plug Set
Frizz Butt Plug Set by Seven CreationsSet consisting of three differently sized buttocks in double waisted form. All three with stand / squeegee.Dimensions:11 cm long, Ø 1.1 to 2.5 cm14 cm long, Ø 1.4 to 3.2 cm16 cm long, Ø 1.7 to 3.7 cmMaterial:TPE, phthalate-free according to EU Regulation 1907/20..
524883 Magic Flesh Strap-On Dildo 524883 Magic Flesh Strap-On Dildo
Magic Flesh Strap-On by Seven CreationsFor horny role-playing games!For the lesbian dildo pleasure or the exciting role reversal! Size-adjustable crotchless panties in black imitation leather with einsetzbarem dildo (Tan, 18.5 cm long, 4 cm). Material: TPE, Phthalate according to EU Regulation 1907/..
550191 Compact Pro Set white 550191 Compact Pro Set white
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Vibrations Set by Seven CreationsThis Vibro-Set fits your sexual fantasies, because the White mini vibrator (10 cm long, 2-2.5 cm) has four different stimulation essays (2 cm x 2 cm) for causing full body massage or for targeted and pleasurable intimate massage. Material: ABS, PP, phthalate accordin..
555339 Vibrator Water Prick Watreproof 555339 Vibrator Water Prick Watreproof
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Water Prick by Seven CreationsEnjoy exciting feelings!Immerse yourself in the charm floods this watery blue vibrator with easy-slide surface! Infinitely vibrate you answer the height and irritates your pleasure button in addition to the stimulating nubs at the bottom end of the shaft. Length 19 cm, ..
557536 Vibrator "Horny Rabbit" Rotating 557536 Vibrator "Horny Rabbit" Rotating
Sparkling Clear Rabbit Vibrator by Seven CreationsPink glittering vibrator made of slippery jelly material with pronounced glans. The rotating massage balls irritate each pleasure point in your vagina. The small vibrating bunny on stimulus-arm spoil your clitoris with vibration from soft to wild. Vi..
561126 Vibro Strap on Robotic 561126 Vibro Strap on Robotic
Vibrating Strap-On Robotic by Seven CreationsHot Role Play for Her & Him or Her & You!All-time hard and ready you are with this skin-colored Vibro Strap-On: hollow inside, with solid tip - extending your penis by about 6 cm. With swollen glans and pronounced veins. Elastic stretch bands. Aco..
562602 H2O Viking Wet Vibe Purple 562602 H2O Viking Wet Vibe Purple
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Viking Wet Vibe by Seven CreationsThis spill-proof vibrator with little irritation at the shank end and plumper veining serves its intense, infinitely variable vibration. Length 23 cm, Ø 3.5-4.5 cm. Material: TPE, phthalate according to EU Regulation 1907/2006 / EC.You can watch here the packaging v..
563161 Cock N Balls Vibro Harness 563161 Cock N Balls Vibro Harness
Cock N Balls Vibro-Harness by Seven CreationsTwo contiguous, knobbed penis / testicle rings inlusive three removable vibro-egg, each separately other by pressing a button on and off. Transparent / Black. Penis ring Ø 3 cm (flexible), testicle ring Ø 4 cm (flexible). Batteries included.Product type: ..
779229 Clit Clips acrylic beads black
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Clit Clips by Seven CreationsA naughty feeling: Silver-colored labia / clitoris clip with acrylic beads on black nylon straps. Flexible. Total length 11 cm.You can watch here the packaging video Type: Clit ClipsColor: silverLength: 11 cmMaterial: Steel, ABSCode: 0..
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556599 Vibrating Clit Massager 556599 Vibrating Clit Massager
Vibrating Clit Massager by Seven CreationsMakes your pleasure centre glow! Clit massaging device to be placed on your pleasure centre and create a powerful vacuum: blood circulation will increase and your clit will increment as well. Also suitable to stimulate your nipples. Jelly suction cup: 5.5 cm..
559261 MTX 1 Robotic Mouth Masturbator 559261 MTX 1 Robotic Mouth Masturbator
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Robotic Mouth Masturbator by Seven CreationsFantastic masturbator shaped mouth with vibration motor and internal movement to better simulate oral sex. With this combination will reach intense orgasms of pure pleasure. Also equipped with the remote control to adjust the speed of the vibration. Featur..
564532 Penis Power Pump black\transparent 564532 Penis Power Pump black\transparent
Power Pump by Seven CreationsFor HIS best piece the most pleasurable workout!This transparent-black pump made of solid, slippery plastic ensures a hard erection and serves at the same time with his powerful Infinitely vibration. In addition, they can be your greatest asset into an even larger scale ..
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