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Sexy Moda

Sexy Moda
24603862101 Wedding Set White S-L
Exciting set in blue and white.String, lace cuffs connected with a chain, a garter and nipple tassels. Material: 90% polyester, 10% polyamide.Size : S-L..
2551128 Halterneck Catsuit 2551128 Halterneck Catsuit
Halterneck Catsuit The catsuit with that little extra! Crotchless catsuit in a coarse net design. It is extremely stretchy for a perfect fit. With a reinforced toe area. Colour: Black. Material: 90% polyamide, 10% elastane. Type of product: Catsuit by Mandy Mystery Lingerie Colour: Black Mate..
27142051121 Mandy Mystery Deluxe Dress Net Design M / L
Mandy Mystery Deluxe Netzoptik DressThe seamlessly crafted macramé optics relies on the body-hugging silhouette and irritates HIM for fingers. Highly flexible, the black mini dress hugs your curves and bewitches with many small cut-outs and some larger than cleavage. With 3/4 Sleeve and halt..
770000 Sticker for the Intimate Area 770000 Sticker for the Intimate Area
Sticker for the Intimate AreaGlittery sticker to decorate your intimate area!Pink with rhinestones. Tip: shave the area before you stick on the sticker. This way the sticker can be reused. Material: PET, glitter, acrylic glass, glue. Pack of 2.You can watch here the packaging video
773492 Long Straight Red Wig "Miranda" 773492 Long Straight Red Wig "Miranda"
Free shipping Available
Brand: Wigged Love
Red Longhair Wig by Wigged LoveBecome a sexy eyecatcher by wearing this red long hair wig with bangs. Whether as a dazzling party guest or as an accompaniment to dinner, the men are the looks of you can not turn away ... Ca. 80 cm long. Material: 60% modacrylic, 40% PVC.You can watch here the packag..
775215 Corset Handbag red
Corset bagWomen beware!Here is the very special bag that will attract attention: red, in the form of corset with contrasting white stitching and two strap handles. With small interior pocket and outside to close with a zipper. Dimensions: Total height including clamp approx 28 cm, 13 cm deep, about ..
Accessoires Halsband Perlen 7 cm long
Available -17 %
Halskette by Cottelli Collection Jewellery & AccessoriesCollier from gray and red beads. Front 7 cm long. Rear chain and lobster clasp, adjustable up to max. 37 cm.You can watch here the packaging video Type: Women's jewelry accessoriesCode: 24500893001..
23.00€ 19.00€
Accessoires Lace Collar with Flower Accessoires Lace Collar with Flower
Available -34 %
Lace Collar with Flower by Cottelli Collection AccessoiresBlack lace necklace with a decorative flower.Trimmed with pearls and rhinestones.Material: 100% polyester.You can watch here the packaging video Type: Accessoires CollarColor : BlackMaterial: 100% polyester..
29.00€ 19.00€
Accessory Hair Clip Feathers
Available -38 %
Hair Clip FeathersSmall accessory with great effect! Black, trimmed with bow and feathers.You can watch here the packaging video Type: Accessory HairColor:BlackCode: 24501601001..
8.00€ 5.00€
Bad Girl Bag Bad Girl Bag
Free shipping Available
Bad Girl BagSmall bag with saucy content for bad girls! This small, beautiful vinyl bag in a stitched design contains an opaque blindfold, handcuffs and a small flogger. Polyurethane, polyester, metal.Product Type: Gifts & ToysCode: 24918261000Note: This product has Free shipping costs (Only in ..
Black  Neck chain with pearls Black  Neck chain with pearls
Neck Bikini Chain by Cottelli Collection AccessoiresThe very special chain! Elastic three-row pearl chain for the neck - joint by a further chain with the bikini chain that can be closed in the back by a small clasp. In the front at the belly is a small tuft with fringes. Black.You can watch here th..
Black Level Vinyl Jumpsuit Sleeveless Black Level Vinyl Jumpsuit Sleeveless
Free shipping Available -9 %
Brand: Black Level
Black Level Lack-OverallBlack jumpsuit and become the sharp paint lady! This sleeveless jumpsuit She sits perfectly in scene, because the long, narrow legs and small collar with velcro in the front emphasize their full womanhood. Seduce him with your sexy neckline or let him dangle by slowly..
65.00€ 59.00€
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