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24605995001 Skin-coloured Silicone Breasts 1200g

Silicone Breasts by Cottelli Collection Accessoires

Your breasts will be two cup sizes bigger in the blink of an eye! These soft, nicely shaped silicone pads have nipples and will give you an impressive cleavage. The inserts have a slight indentation on the side that gets placed on your breast so that they are a perfect fit. They fit discreetly inside your bra. The material warms up to body temperature once it comes in contact with your skin. Weight of breast insert: 600 g. 1 pair.

You can watch here the packaging video

Product Type: Silicone Breasts
Colour: skin-coloured
Weight: 1200g
Material:  Silicone

Code: 24605995001

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